bal musette

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bal mu·sette

 (bäl′ mo͞o-zĕt′)
A dance hall in France, with the music provided by an accordion band.

[French : bal, dance + musette, musette.]
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Bastille is a "radical-chic residential and cultural centre" (5), where entertainment like movie houses and bals musettes became dominant during the Belle Epoque, where workers could no longer afford to live, and where the Opera-Bastille "unquestionably brought about the most dramatic changes in the area since the days of Hauss-mann" (136).
This book's opening chapter contains a general discussion of gay nightspots (including the bals musettes) to be found in inter-war Paris.
'Autobiographie', where Crevel denounces various 'esthetismes', including 'celui des negres et du jazz, des bals musettes et des pianos mecaniques' (MD, p.