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or ban·dan·a  (băn-dăn′ə)
A large handkerchief usually patterned and brightly colored.

[Probably Portuguese, from Hindi bāndhnū, tie-dyeing, from bāndhnā, to tie, from Sanskrit bandhati, he ties; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots.]


(bænˈdænə) or


(Clothing & Fashion) a large silk or cotton handkerchief or neckerchief
[C18: from Hindi bāndhnū tie-dyeing, from bāndhnā to tie, from Sanskrit bandhnāti he ties]


or ban•dan•a

(bænˈdæn ə)

n., pl. -dan•nas or -dan•as.
a large, usu. figured handkerchief often worn as a scarf.
[1745–55; earlier bandanno < Hindi bā̃dhnū tie dyeing]
ban•dan′naed, adj.


A large, colorful handkerchief often worn around the neck.
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Noun1.bandanna - large and brightly colored handkerchiefbandanna - large and brightly colored handkerchief; often used as a neckerchief
handkerchief, hankey, hankie, hanky - a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory


bandana [bænˈdænə] nbandana m
References in classic literature ?
Most knights would have thought of nothing but getting his armor; but so I got his bandanna, he could keep his hardware, for all of me.
Beyond sat a pair of humble lovers, artlessly holding each other by the hand, a somber spinster eating peppermints out of a paper bag, and an old gentleman taking his preparatory nap behind a yellow bandanna. On her right, her only neighbor was a studious looking lad absorbed in a newspaper.
"Tut, tut, child," he answered, as he produced a vast, brilliant bandanna, "what do you suppose the Almighty gave you fingers for?"
They wore fur coats; and Helen was never seen without a bandanna on her head.
He wiped his pale face with a large yellow bandanna pocket-handkerchief that was prodigiously scented.
My bandanna handkerchief--one of six beauties given to me by my lady-- was handy in my pocket.
Hanson drew a large bandanna handkerchief from his pocket and rose stealthily to his knees.
Owing to the shortage of women, many of the men tied bandanna handkerchiefs around their arms in token of femininity and danced with other men.
"Thank you; I don't mind if I do," said he, mopping his face with a red bandanna handkerchief.
e gang, all wearing bandannas across their faces, are believed to have sneaked into the man's at through an unlocked door.
"Nowadays bandannas are gender neutral and are internationally accepted as a unisex-fashion with more men seen wearing them.
This pipe-frame cabana houses a massage table covered in red bandannas, a rack of fluffy, tightly rolled red towels, speakers broadcasting a soothing sound track made in collaboration with composer Andrew Zealley, and accoutrements including paper towels, vinyl gloves, breath mints, a nebulizer to perfume the air, and a coffee warmer for heating massage oil.