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n. pl. ban·deaux (-dōz′) or ban·deaus
1. A narrow band for the hair.
a. A garment consisting of a band of fabric that covers the bust, sometimes having removable straps.
b. A usually strapless brassiere.
Of, relating to, or being a garment having a band of fabric that covers the bust: a bandeau bikini.

[French, from Old French bandel, diminutive of bande, band, strip; see band1.]


n, pl -deaux (-dəʊz)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a narrow band of ribbon, velvet, etc, worn round the head
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a bikini top in the form of narrow band of material
[C18: from French, from Old French bandel a little band2]


(bænˈdoʊ, ˈbæn doʊ)

n., pl. -deaux (-ˈdoʊz, -doʊz)
1. a headband.
2. a narrow brassiere.
[1700–10; < French; Old French bandel]


A narrow band of material worn around the head by women and girls.
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Noun1.bandeau - an undergarment worn by women to support their breastsbandeau - an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts
shoulder strap, strap - a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag
undergarment, unmentionable - a garment worn under other garments
uplift - a brassiere that lifts and supports the breasts
woman's clothing - clothing that is designed for women to wear


A long narrow piece, as of material:
References in classic literature ?
Around the edge of this cap was a stiff bandeau of leather, cut at the top into open work, resembling a coronet, while a prolonged bag arose from within it, and fell down on one shoulder like an old-fashioned nightcap, or a jelly-bag, or the head-gear of a modern hussar.
Encircling his temples was a bandeau of the twisted leaves of the Omoo tree, pressed closely over the brows to shield his feeble vision from the glare of the sun.
I'd love to see Meghan wear the Queen Mother's Cartier Bandeau, which is made of three gem-set bracelets on a bandeau frame.
Mais pour prop l'identification biomAaAaAeA@trique et sAaAaAeA@curiser l'appareil, l'iPhone devait malgrAaAaAeA@ tout de proposer un bandeau supAaAaAeA@rieur, dans lequel inscrits diffAaAaAeA@rents capteurs et camAaAaAeA@ras dAaAaAeA@diAaAaAeA@es AaAaAeA la reco faciale.
THE LIFE-SAVER "Before you rush out and buy maternity clothes, take a look at your current pieces and see what you can work with - a bump bandeau can hide a multitude of sins, including a fly that won't do up," said Laura.
Resort Controlwear bandeau bikini top PS17 and bottoms PS13, both Littlewoods.
It includes several wardrobe staples such as a biker jacket and a crop top and lots of classic dress styles like bandeau, maxi and prom.