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secured with a band: He banded the newspapers for recycling.
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bandied – passed back and forth; circulated freely: News of her shocking behavior was bandied about all over the little town.


Having bands or stripes of contrasting color or texture.


(ˈbæn dɪd)

marked with a band or bands.
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Adj.1.banded - identified with a band especially around a leg; "kept watch for the return of their banded birds"
unbanded - not identified with a band; "an unbanded bird"
2.banded - marked with bands or strips of contrasting color or texturebanded - marked with bands or strips of contrasting color or texture; "a banded rock"
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
3.banded - characterized by a band of especially white around the body; "banded cattle"
belted - having or provided with a belt; "a belted dress"