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 (băn′də-rē′ə, -rēl′yə)
A decorated barbed dart that is thrust into the bull's neck or shoulder muscles by a banderillero in a bullfight.

[Spanish, diminutive of bandera, banner, from Vulgar Latin *bandāria; see banner.]
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(ˌbændəˈriːə; -ˈriːljə)
(Bullfighting) bullfighting a decorated barbed dart, thrust into the bull's neck or shoulder
[Spanish, literally: a little banner, from bandera banner]
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(ˌbæn dəˈri ə, -ˈril yə)

n., pl. -las.
an ornamented dart with barbs that is stuck into the neck and shoulders of a bull by banderilleros.
[1790–1800; < Sp, =bander(a) banner + -illa diminutive suffix]
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Noun1.banderilla - a decorated dart that is implanted in the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fightbanderilla - a decorated dart that is implanted in the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight
dart - a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot
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"Once there, men taunt, exhaust, and stab each bull with a lance and several harpoon-like banderillas until he becomes weakened from blood loss.
Well, he has plenty of time now to get his preseason plans in order but, as soon as the banderillas were planted between his shoulder blades, it was the Spaniards who were left scrambling like matadors in a bull run.
In the last act, an immense bull riddled with banderillas brought the arena's battle onto the stage.
Then the clouds rolled away and the Hemingways--so far as he knew, the only English-speaking people in attendance-witnessed what Ernest described as "the greatest bullfight I will perhaps ever see." Three matadors fought that day, but it was Maera whose performance he singled out, describing in detail the expert planting of the banderillas (Maera's special area of expertise).
His frailties were human frailties and he wore them jauntily, tauntingly, flauntingly like banderillas....
Messrs Tesco, Lidl, Carrefour and the others have all corners covered from marzipan stolen to potted goose, tasty banderillas, crisp bruschetta, foie gras and so much more.
Drawing from Hertz's structural analysis of the left hand, the "impure sacred", more and more asserts itself as the tauromachy (bull fighting) goes on through ritualized stages of tercio de varas, to the tercio de banderillas, and finally, the tercio de muerte with the return of the right hand.