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or ban·de·rol  (băn′də-rōl′) also ban·ne·rol (băn′ə-rōl′)
1. A narrow forked flag or streamer attached to a staff or lance or flown from a ship's masthead.
2. A representation of a ribbon or scroll bearing an inscription.

[French, from Italian banderuola, diminutive of bandiera, banner, from Vulgar Latin *bandāria; see banner.]
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or banderol
also bannerol
Fabric used especially as a symbol:


n (Naut) → Wimpel m, → Fähnlein nt; (Her) → Fähnchen nt; (Archit) → Inschriftenband nt
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These include Beyond Balance MCBAR-1 and MC-BAR-2; BioPure Quintessence, O3 Oil Gamma, Lyme and Co-Infection Nosode Drops, Cryptolepis, and Czaga (chaga); Byron White Formulas A-BART; Maypa Herbals Formula Bart; Jernigan Nutraceuticals Lymogen, NutraMedix Samento, Banderol, Quina, Cumanda, and Houttuynia; Researched Nutritionals BLt Microbial Balancer #1, CryptoPlus Microbial Balancer #2, and LymPlus Transfer Factor; Deseret Biologicals Bartonella Series Therapy; Woodland Essence C.
In the front children are playing and a young woman is holding a banderol bearing the title of the mural.
Since that time, plans are at an advanced stage to install a state-of-the-art banderol printing plant under the authority of the Ministry of Finance.
Essentra's offer of two different reel formats, pan-wound and traverse-wound, means Re: Close Tape [TM] can be applied using banderol style tape application equipment or Essentra's easily retrofitted applicators.
In the case of beer, security tracking codes will be applied directly onto the products during manufacturing, thus replacing the banderol.
Essentra also offers a "pan-wound" version of the tape which has been developed to work with lines already running promotional banderol style tapes, minimising capital expenditure requirements.