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or ban·de·rol  (băn′də-rōl′) also ban·ne·rol (băn′ə-rōl′)
1. A narrow forked flag or streamer attached to a staff or lance or flown from a ship's masthead.
2. A representation of a ribbon or scroll bearing an inscription.

[French, from Italian banderuola, diminutive of bandiera, banner, from Vulgar Latin *bandāria; see banner.]
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or banderol
also bannerol
Fabric used especially as a symbol:
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n (Naut) → Wimpel m, → Fähnlein nt; (Her) → Fähnchen nt; (Archit) → Inschriftenband nt
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Stating that the majority of the revenues of the state-run TV channel comes from banderol fees and electricity bills collected from citizens, Sertel said: "The AK Party which uses TRT as if it were its backyard, putting the TRT, which was previously noted for its prestige, under its full influence, and it has a free hand inside the channel."
These include Beyond Balance MCBAR-1 and MC-BAR-2; BioPure Quintessence, O3 Oil Gamma, Lyme and Co-Infection Nosode Drops, Cryptolepis, and Czaga (chaga); Byron White Formulas A-BART; Maypa Herbals Formula Bart; Jernigan Nutraceuticals Lymogen, NutraMedix Samento, Banderol, Quina, Cumanda, and Houttuynia; Researched Nutritionals BLt Microbial Balancer #1, CryptoPlus Microbial Balancer #2, and LymPlus Transfer Factor; Deseret Biologicals Bartonella Series Therapy; Woodland Essence C.S.A.
Caption: A new Kenyan bottle-sealing banderol showing the hologram and serial number
In the front children are playing and a young woman is holding a banderol bearing the title of the mural.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) 500 iron chains & (b) 400,000 regular flexible clips of Banderol type & other 20,000 similar clips with chamfered edge of the same type.
A salute from the Banderol; the selected writings of Sam Hanna Bell.
Since that time, plans are at an advanced stage to install a state-of-the-art banderol printing plant under the authority of the Ministry of Finance.
The 40 x 18 mm banderol features a hologram made by Indian company Holostik.
Essentra's offer of two different reel formats, pan-wound and traverse-wound, means Re: Close Tape [TM] can be applied using banderol style tape application equipment or Essentra's easily retrofitted applicators.
Essentra also offers a "pan-wound" version of the tape which has been developed to work with lines already running promotional banderol style tapes, minimising capital expenditure requirements.
Other herbs or herbal formulas that I use in my practice include Mora, Enula, Cumanda and Banderol from NutraMedix; cryptolepsis from Woodland Essence; the rizol oils Epsilon, My, Kappa, Gamma and Zeta from BioPure; and Dr.