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Noun1.bandicoot rat - burrowing scaly-tailed rat of India and Ceylon
rat - any of various long-tailed rodents similar to but larger than a mouse
genus Nesokia, Nesokia - bandicoot rats
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The Pothwar plateau is a habitat of seven rodent species (Roberts, 1997); the lesser bandicoot rat (Bandicota bengalensis), the short-tailed mole rat (Nesokia indica), the Indian gerbil (Tatera indica), the soft-furred field rat (Millardia meltada), the desert jird (Meriones hurrianae), the bush rat (Golunda ellioti) and Mus species.
In the study area three rodent species were observed, the lesser bandicoot rat (B.
Hair samples of domestic animals that were taken as reference materials included goat (Capra hircus), sheep (Ovis aries), cow (Bos taurus), buffalo (Bubalis bubalis) and dog (Canis familiaris); whereas those of wild animals included red fox (Vulpes vulpes),Wild hare (Lepus americanus), Himalayan Palm Civet (Paguma larvata), Wild boar (Sus scrofa), Rhesus monkey (Macaca mullata), large Indian mongoose (Herpestes edwardsii), house rat (Rattus rattus), house mouse (Mus musculus), Lesser Bandicoot rat (Bandicota bengalensis), Indian gerbil (Tatera indica), and soft-tailed mole rat (Nesokia indica).
9###Bandicota bengalensis (Bandicoot rat)###0###0###0###1.27
The study reveals the burrow characteristics and food hoarding of the lesser bandicoot rat (Bandicota bengalensis) in the agro-ecosystem of Pothwar, Pakistan.
In previous studies, bandicoot rat and shrews such as bandicoot rat present at poultry farms are a source of pathogenic bacterial infections (Mehmood et al., 2011, 2012).
Lesser bandicoot rat constructed the burrow system according to some common plan wherein the values of the depth of tunnels, number of chambers and diameter of tunnels were similar to values as reported in other studies.
The prevalence of pathogenic bacteria in fecal matter, urine and blood of bandicoot rat (Bandicota bengalensis) inhabiting poultry farms has been studied.
From 6665 trap nights, 689 animals belonging to the lesser bandicoot rat (Bandicota bengalensis), house mouse (Mus musculus), metad or soft-furred field rat, (Millardia meltada) and Indian gerbil (Tatera indica) were caught; the overall trap success for the fields under sugarcane, fodders, cotton, wheat and vegetables were 16.2%, 11.7%, 8.9%, 6.4% and 5.3%, respectively.
The collected animals included greater bandicoot rats (Bandicota indica), Savile's bandicoot rats (B.
The bandicoot rats, after moving inside the crop fields, burrow extensively with the result that a large number of holes are dug.