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 (băn′dôg′, -dŏg′)
A powerful dog, often a mastiff or part mastiff, bred to be a watchdog and traditionally kept chained.

[Middle English band-dogge : band, leash, chain; see band1 + dogge, dog; see dog.]


(Animals) a ferocious dog, whether by nature or trained as a guard dog


(ˈbænˌdɔg, -ˌdɒg)

1. any dog kept tied or chained.
2. a mastiff or bloodhound.
[1250–1300; Middle English bande-dogge; see band3]
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Tbale shall be knock system and should have wre management systems for electrical cables & edge bandog of rehau make.
Police confirmed the animals were bull mastiff crossed with either a Presa Canario or a bandog, which are not banned breeds.
Yesterday police confirmed the dog that killed Mr Clarke was a bullmastiff crossed with either a Presa Canario or a bandog. These are not banned breeds.
The advanced compounding for lower rolling resistance, the innovative, tread designs for long, even wear and the additional technology benefits from the Ecopia tire and casing solution could save up to 5 percent in fuel costs, when compared to leading competitors, and up to 29 percent in total tire wear cost, when retreading an Ecopia casing with Bandog FuelTech.
Bandog Media, which is run by 24-year-olds Catherine McMahon from Pontypridd and David Morgan from Newport, specialises in graphic technology, providing design services including photography and website production.
He added, 'Without the GTi project there is no doubt that the Bandog Media brand would not be as strong as is it today.'
Now nearly 50 families will receive a letter explaining why their child was stopped as part of Operation Bandog.
Police said the dog, thought to be owned by two women, aged 27 and 28, who lived next door to Mr Clarke, was a bull mastiff crossed with either a presa canario or a bandog.
'BANDOG': Animal at farm; FEARED: Danger dog; VICIOUS: Adult 'bandog'
Experts say the animals - known as bandogs - are even more dangerous than illegal pitbulls and are as big as Alsatians.
in no less fixed a pattern of behaviour than the bears and the bandogs" (234, 235).
Ten bandogs, a mix breed of the pitbull originally bred to attack humans, were captured after a tip-off to the USPCA.