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A musical instrument similar to a large concertina, especially popular in Latin America.

[American Spanish bandoneón, from German Bandonion, Bandoneon : Heinrich Band (1821-1860), German inventor + (Akkord)ion, accordion; see accordion.]

ban·do′ne·on·ist (-ə-nĭst) n.


(Instruments) a type of square concertina, esp used in Argentina
[C20: from Spanish, from German Bandonion, from Heinrich Band, its inventor]
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Noun1.bandoneon - a type of concertina popular in South Americabandoneon - a type of concertina popular in South America
concertina - free-reed instrument played like an accordion by pushing its ends together to force air through the reeds
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Tango" questions its essence that is represented by the bandoneon player, the musician who masters the instrument that identifies tango.
3 by Argentinean tango composer, bandoneon player and arranger Astor Piazzolla and Preludio Triston and Suite Buenos Aires by Argentinean classical guitarist and composer Diego Maximo Pujol.
Rodolfo Mederos Trio consists of Rodolfo Mederos on bandoneon, Armando de La Vega on guitars, and Sergio Rivas on double bass.
La voz de don Ricardo difundio y cultivo a nivel local el buen gusto por la "mezcla milagrosa" de poesia con acordes de violin y bandoneon.
Estoy tambien por empezar la escritura para un cuarteto con bandoneon que me pidio Arturo Pinzon.
New features this year included a screening of a film by Uruguayan photographer Pedro Lombardi and concerts performed by oud player Ziyad Sahhab and his band, in collaboration with Argentinian Bandoneon player Lysandre Donoso, Debora Russ and surprise guest star Lebanese singer Haneen on vocals, creating a unique musical fusion between East and West.
The sound of the Bandoneon is woven throughout the album, played beautifully by Nicolas Avila of Comodoro Rivadavia in Patagonia who travelled to Wales to tour Wales with Brigyn.
For this album, recorded in Italy, he is joined by the Russian-born jazz/classical double bassist Yuri Goloubev, the Israeli-born drummer Asaf Sirkis, and the Italian pianist and bandoneon player Daniele Di Bonaventura.
The bandoneon (a type of concertina almost synonymous with tango) is used throughout the album to retain the historic flavor of the form, but the guitar never cedes center stage to it.
Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut, the ABQ premiered Alma Iluminda by Argentinian composer Daniel Binelli for quintet, organ, percussion, and bandoneon, with the composer on bandoneon and Ezequiel Menendez on organ.
un peu du tout, de la musique andalouse meler a la musique classique, un periple dans le tango notamment avec Sebastien au bandoneon, Emilie Aridon au piano, Sabrina Condello au violon, Fabio lo Curto aux clarinettes ainsi que Dorian Marcel (contrebasse).
When the structure completed, he invited a very young neighbor, Rodolfo Mederos, to a little celebration and took out a bandoneon, a musical instrument similar to the more familiar accordion and harmonica, and started to play.