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1. Causing harm, ruin, or death; harmful. See Usage Note at baleful.
2. Portending harm; ominous.

bane′ful·ly adv.
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Adv.1.banefully - in a noxiously baneful way; "this banefully poisoned climate"


[ˈbeɪnfəlɪ] ADV (liter) (= poisonously) → nocivamente; (= destructively) → funestamente, fatalmente
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More banefully, they latch on unsubstantiated allegations of rights\' infringements by the security forces in their operations.
Have they ever thought how their silly antics are going down banefully, inflicting demoralisation in volumes on the soldiers laying down their lives and losing their limbs in fighting out terrorists and extremists bent upon destabilising this land and throwing its people into the black hole of an unimaginable horrifying mayhem?
But there is a key missing link that would arguably keep afflicting his policy all through, banefully.