bank closing

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: closing - act of closing down a bank because of a fiscal emergency or failure
closedown, shutdown, closing, closure - termination of operations; "they regretted the closure of the day care center"
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With 5,644,463 shares of common stock outstanding, the combined bank will have a market capitalisation of USD 86m based on the little bank closing price of USD 15.25 per share on 7 July 2017.
Summary: Reader complaints against bank closing her account without prior notice
Open Market Rates: Inter-bank market rates were not issued due to bank closing. In the final Asian trade, Sterling stayed on the defensive after unambiguously dovish comments from the Bank of England abruptly ended a tentative recovery in the currency, while the euro wobbled on speculation of more stimulus in Europe, he added.
Global Banking News-3 February 2009-First Security Bank closing two branches(C)2009 ENPublishing -
EGP is significant with the expected sign, implying that states with a larger proportion of their state product deriving from oil and natural gas extraction had a higher bank closing rate.
Our findings indicate that the bank closing rate, by state, is an increasing function of [EGP.sub.s].
Amos provides a well written and very relevant empirical study of the determinants of geographic differentials in bank closing rates.
(1) states where the proportion of state product deriving from oil and natural gas extraction is higher tend to have higher bank closing rates;
As of September, the FDIC estimated $100 billion would be needed for bank closings between 2009 and 2013, Williams-Young said.