bank giro

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Bank Giro


Bank Giro Credit

(Banking & Finance) a British giro system operated by clearing banks to enable customers to pay sums of money to others by credit transfer

bank giro

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At the fish market , which is the first fish market in the nation to accept smart payment methods, transactions by sales agents may be processed through bank GIRO transfers in the future.
In 2013, BNM increased check-processing fees and reduced fees for Inter Bank Giro (IBG) transactions conducted online or by mobile.
The service comprises the provision of comprehensive banking services, including the maintenance of the Council~s bank accounts, bank statements, presentation of cheques, collections including payable orders and Bank Giro Credits, processing of direct debits & credits (BACS), cash processing, cash withdrawal service, CHAPS payments, procurement cards, pre paid crads, processing debit and credit card transactions and other activities associated with a single tier local authority.
DataStoreDSX is also fully integrated with the bank's cheque processing software to handle daily transactional activities, such as SWIFTS, Bank Giro Credits, Credit Transfers, Fixed Assets and Supplier Invoices.
Businesses can pay the VAT due by Direct Debit, online, via telephone banking or by cheque at a bank or building society using a Bank Giro paying-in slip which must be obtained from Revenue & Customs.
Throughout the 1980s, efforts to establish cooperation between the banks and the Postal giro/Post Savings Bank of Norway and to merge the bank giro and postal giro systems were unsuccessful.
IT and business services company Logica announced today an agreement with Sweden's Bankgirocentralen AB to develop new web interfaces, which will primarily be accessible from Internet banks, for certain bank giro services.
For example, NS&I's Cash ISA - accessible by phone, post, electronic transfer or standing order but no longer at Post Offices or by bank giro credit - pays a measly 0.

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