bank holding company

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: holding company - a holding company owning or controlling one or more banks
holding company - a company with controlling shares in other companies
multibank holding company - a bank holding company owning several banks
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25(c)), and to the Board's authority to require such modification or termination of the activities of a bank holding company or any of its subsidiaries as the Board finds necessary to ensure compliance with, and to prevent evasion of, the provisions of the BHC Act and the Board's regulations and orders thereunder.
1 billion in assets, we are the 3rd largest bank holding company headquartered in Michigan and 80th largest bank holding company in the country.
Garden City, Missouri, a registered bank holding company that owns or controls the Garden City Bank, Garden City, Missouri, a state nonmember bank.
ABC Bancorp will deploy the Banker's Dashboard solution at all 12 banking subsidiaries, each of its 45 branch locations and at the bank holding company level.
The Federal Reserve on July 23, 2004, requested public comment on proposed revisions that would better align the bank holding company rating system with current supervisory practices.
a bank holding company with $575,739 million in assets, with 12 offices in Centre, Lycoming and Clinton Counties.
8 billion bank holding company with 41 community offices in 17 counties extending from the Central and Southern Piedmont and Sandhills to the Foothills and Mountains of Western North Carolina, providing quality banking and wealth management services in vibrant, growing markets.
On consummation of the proposed merger and divestiture, four of the seven commercial banking organizations that would compete with BB&T each would control more than 10 percent of market deposits, including a competitor that would control more than 21 percent of market deposits and a large multistate bank holding company that would control more than 11 percent of market deposits.
A bank holding company's home state is the state in which the total deposits of all banking subsidiaries of such company were the largest on July 1, 1966, or the date on which the company became a bank holding company, whichever is later.
Under the terms of the proposal, Allied Irish would sell its wholly owned subsidiary bank holding company, Allfirst Financial Inc.
The interpretation clarifies that a banking organization that wishes to engage in underwriting securities that are to be distributed in the United States must be either a financial holding company or have authority to engage in underwriting activity under section 4(c)(8) of the Bank Holding Company Act.
During his tenure, the company has been transformed from a community banking company based and focused in the Tupelo and Lee County, Mississippi market to a multi-state bank holding company.