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He was going to sea at the time, skipper of one of the sailing ships of the Bank Line, when he married Agnes Hewitt.
Yn hyn, diddorol heddiw yw sylwi mai 60 mlynedd yn ol, ac i enwi ond rhai, roedd Union Castle ac Elder Dempster yn tradio gyda De Affrica - PSNC, Royal Mail Line, Blue Star, Houlder Bros a Furness Withy yn teithio i De America, y PLata a'r Ariannin - P&O, British India, Bibby Line, Orient Line, Shaw Saville, Canadian Pacific, Lamport & Holt, y Port a'r Clan Line yn brysur yn y Dwyrain a'r Dwyrain pell - ac heb anghofio'r Blue Funnel a'r Bank Line oedd i'w gweld bron yn bob man yn y byd - a bron y cyfan yn eu tro yn cyfri gweld yr arfordir 'ma fel cyrraedd adra.
23 February 2015 - US-based education data management and student assessment solutions provider Certica Solutions has acquired the Formative Assessment Item Bank line of business from Northwest Evaluation Association, the company said on Monday.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 5, 2014--Burd named managing director of new First Internet Bank line
The inventory was collateral for Yarnell's bank line of credit, so that's where the proceeds of the sale will go, according to Gene Eagle, vice president of development finance for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority.
This stung the visitors into action and twice the ball was cleared off the Bank line by Jamie Clarke and Phillip King.
Completing the redemption, the company has around USD190m in senior debt, including its bank line of credit, and USD70m in auction rate preferred shares outstanding.
The proceeds will be utilised to fund a part of an outstanding balance on the company's bank line.
The company's Canadian bank line of credit has been extended accordingly.
The reason for this is that industry standards for these ratios generally have statements with the bank line of credit in the current liability section.
The new load banks have 40 kW more capacity that the previous top end of Avtron's horizontal load bank line and are seen as the successor to existing 155, 250 and 360 kW units.
With a partner, a small bank line of credit, and $22,000 from the sale of his house, Bertolon began making marriages between inventory-laden suppliers and parts-short manufacturers.