bank vault

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: vault - a strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuablesbank vault - a strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuables
bank building, bank - a building in which the business of banking transacted; "the bank is on the corner of Nassau and Witherspoon"
strongroom - a burglarproof and fireproof room in which valuables are kept
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Knowing that your Eggs were as safe as if they were locked in a bank vault and the fact that you could watch so many curious things going on made setting a most entertaining occupation.
MRC purchased the property in a joint venture with private equity investment firm Siguier Guff in 2015, and embarked on a capital improvement plan to modernize the grand banking hall and bank vault into a premium retail asset.
Using nothing more complicated than their experience, a blow torch and some wheelie bins, they made off with an estimated PS35m haul from a bank vault in London's Hatton Garden diamond district.
Tenders are invited for armed courier services for the purpose of daily pick-up of bank deposits from the city circuit court for delivery to csea~s contracted bank vault.
Joe Meadows and Anna Williams, from Wallasey, were invited to a secret bank vault in London, believing they would be picking up a recording of a never-before-heard cover.
FOOTBALL legend George Best's first football boots have been returned to Northern Ireland after being held in a London bank vault for more than a decade.
IF music is the food of love then a new venture, the first of its kind in Newcastle, promises to unlock passions in the unusual setting of a former bank vault.
On him the prosecution has aproof that personally ordered those sums to be taken out of the bank vault and given to third partiesa.
German police are investigating an audacious bank heist after a tunnel was uncovered leading to a bank vault in Berlin.
Ms Leake said as well as Leake's medals, his England caps were also kept in the Barclay's Bank vault in Coventry Road, Sheldon.
She said: "Because the church has been broken into so many times it is unfortunate that we have to keep it in a bank vault, but I think it is important for people to know about the history on their doorstep.
Each night, four players enter a bank vault of real money.