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1. Acceptable to or at a bank: bankable funds.
2. Guaranteed to bring profit: a bankable movie star.

bank′a·bil′i·ty n.


1. (Banking & Finance) appropriate for receipt by a bank
2. dependable or reliable: a bankable promise.
3. (Film) (esp of a star) likely to ensure the financial success of a film
ˌbankaˈbility n


(ˈbæŋ kə bəl)

1. acceptable for processing by a bank.
2. considered powerful enough to ensure profitability: to hire bankable stars for a film.
[1810–20, Amer.]
bank`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.bankable - guaranteed to bring a profit; "without bankable stars the film script aroused no interest"
profitable - yielding material gain or profit; "profitable speculation on the stock market"
2.bankable - acceptable to or at a bankbankable - acceptable to or at a bank; "bankable funds"
acceptable - worthy of acceptance or satisfactory; "acceptable levels of radiation"; "performances varied from acceptable to excellent"


[ˈbæŋkəbl] ADJ [idea] → válido, valedero; [person] → taquillero


adj cheque etceinzahlbar; a very bankable film star (fig inf)ein Filmstar, der viel Geld einbringt
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Canopy allows clients to aggregate bankable and non-bankable assets across different geographies and asset classes and provides daily valuation updates to ensure that the portfolio and respective analytics remain up to date.
Expression of Interest for Designing Bankable Standard Agreements (Power Purchase Agreement, the Direct Agreement and the Investment Agreement) for Electricity Offtake and Financing in Belarus.
The NEPAD Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD-IPPF) has advocated the establishment of a regional information hub to advertise bankable projects in Africa.
Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA), in partnership with MasterCard Foundation, has launched FIBR (Financial Inclusion on Business Runways), a multi-million dollar, four-year project in Ghana and Tanzania to demonstrate how to better connect poor people to financial services by capturing and digitizing the data of business transactions in the informal economy, the company said.
One of the reasons cited by Suzuki for low infrastructure investment is insufficient bankable projects.
Tennis and golf dominated the 20 most bankable players, with just two from the UK.
According to a recent study by Dubai SME, a total of 230,000 SMEs are currently operational in the UAE, but only 140,000 of these are considered bankable, since the rest are too micro.
The B2Gold board of directors, according to Lytle, has directed the technical team to fast track the Otjikoto project and have authorized N$300 million to develop the bankable feasibility, order long lead items, and continue exploration within the license area to expand the scope of the project.
5 billion, however, this will be firmed up after completion of a bankable feasibility study, an official concerned told reporters on Wednesday.
The company in the meantime is to complete a bankable feasibility study for the Arckaringa project in Australia.
He went to the front over a furlong out and ran on strongly to land the spoils from fastfinishing South African-trained pair Bankable and Imbongi.
39 million) Dubai Duty Free (Group 1) for the second time in three years following the success of his globetrotting star Bankable in the Al Fahidi Fort (Group 2) at Meydan racecourse on Friday night.