banker's acceptance

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bank·ers' acceptance

or bank·er's acceptance (băng′kərz)
n. Abbr. BA
A draft or bill of exchange drawn upon and accepted by a bank and due on a specified date, often traded in money markets. Also called bank acceptance.
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Noun1.banker's acceptance - banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank
bill of exchange, draft, order of payment - a document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another
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The Notes have a fixed rate interest of 3.45% per annum (paid semi-annually) until September 29, 2021, and at the three-month Banker's Acceptance Rate plus 1.12% thereafter until their maturity on September 29, 2026 (paid quarterly).
Health Care REIT said that it can draw on the loan at an initial interest rate equalling the Canadian Dollar banker's acceptance rate plus 145 basis points, based on its current credit ratings.
Time draft: A demand for payment on a specified future date--comprising banker's acceptance, bill and sight draft.