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bank·er 1

1. One serving as an officer or owner of a bank.
2. Games The player in charge of the bank in some gambling games.

bank′er·ly adj.

bank·er 2

One engaged in cod fishing off Newfoundland.

bank·er 3

A workbench used by a mason or sculptor.

[From bank, bench (obsolete).]
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US relating to or resembling a banker
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Given Frank's bankerly appearance, one might have expected him to be a somewhat stern and formidable personality.
Yet the book argues persuasively that Scott's continual negotiation of the terms of his narratives' circulation, his bankerly workings of the "system of exchange" between commercial and political England, ascendant Britain, and once and future Scotland, not only saved more than it lost but also, in the Derridean/Lacanian language of contemporary criticism, thrust the terms of that loss or lack continually into the plentitude of interpretation, and hence, valuation.
As with the outside, elegance and bankerly decorum is provided by very careful control of proportions and good materials.