bankers' acceptance

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bank·ers' acceptance

or bank·er's acceptance (băng′kərz)
n. Abbr. BA
A draft or bill of exchange drawn upon and accepted by a bank and due on a specified date, often traded in money markets. Also called bank acceptance.
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From March 30, 2022 to maturity on March 30, 2027, debentures will pay a quarterly coupon at a rate equal to the 90-day bankers' acceptance plus 1.
Aggregating financing, which includes bond and equity sales, entrusted loans and bankers' acceptance bills, was probably 1.
Bankers' acceptance can be issued by individuals, companies or another bank and accepted by a bank on behalf of its customers (Ezema, 1993).
BA means bankers' acceptance, CD means certificates of deposit, CP means commercial paper, ED means Eurodollars, and T-bills are Treasury bills.
Peter "Institutions and the Development of Liquid Markets: The Case of the Bankers' Acceptance, 1914-1934.
0 Year-end Bankers' acceptance (dollars in millions) (percent of total) 1915 64.
39) Hence, "a well-developed bankers' acceptance market in a country contributes to the amount of trade financed in its currency and, thus, to the amount of trade invoiced in that currency.
Clearly, the bankers' acceptance can be an attractive financing alternative for merchandise acquired through the letter-of-credit vehicle.
9 December 2013 -- Canadian exchange operator TMX Group Ltd (TSX: X) said that its Montreal Exchange achieved a new open interest record on the Three-Month Canadian Bankers' Acceptance Futures reaching 866,569 contracts on December 4 2013.
898% for the first five years of their term, until 3 August 2017, and, starting from 3 November 2017, holders will receive quarterly payments of the 90-day bankers' acceptance rate plus 1.
Between 3 August 2017 and their maturity on 3 August 2022, the holders of the debentures will be entitled to a quarterly coupon starting from 3 November 2017, at the 90-day bankers' acceptance rate plus 1.