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A card issued by a bank authorizing the holder to receive bank services and often functioning as a debit card.


(ˈbæŋkˌkɑːd) or

banker's card

(Banking & Finance) any plastic card issued by a bank, such as a cash card or cheque card
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The response to that was that I would have to go to the kiosk and write a blank cheque, backed by a bankers card before being allowed access to the fuel.
Cheques are only accepted with a valid bankers card.
English money is readily accepted, as are UK cheques supported by a bankers card and most credit cards.
But despite carrying a Co-op card, Royal British Legion ID, union card, visa card and bankers card, Labour Party membership card and treasured photos of himself in uniform, he was still barred from the flight.
Christopher Paul Bates, aged 29, of Edgehill Place, Tile Hill North, was also charged with obtaining by deception pounds 20 petrol belonging to Broad Lane Service Station, theft of a driving licence to the value of pounds 10 belonging to Steven Lea, a Natwest bankers card, three bottles of Lancon champagne to the value of pounds 59.
It contained pounds 90 as well as all his bankers cards - and the vital photo.