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prohibited; forbidden, barred; outlawed: Smoking is now banned in most restaurants.
Not to be confused with:
band – group of musicians: a jazz band; a gang: a band of thieves; a thin, flat strip of material for binding; a stripe used as decoration; a ring: a wedding band
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ban 1

tr.v. banned, ban·ning, bans
a. To prohibit (an action) or forbid the use of (something), especially by official decree: banned smoking in theaters; banned pesticides in parks. See Synonyms at forbid.
b. To refuse to allow (someone) to do something, go somewhere, or be a participant; exclude: a coach who was banned from the sidelines for two games; a gambler who was banned from the club.
2. South African Under the former system of apartheid, to deprive (a person suspected of illegal activity) of the right of free movement and association with others.
3. Archaic To curse.
1. An excommunication or condemnation by church officials.
2. A prohibition imposed by law or official decree.
3. Censure, condemnation, or disapproval expressed especially by public opinion.
4. A summons to arms in feudal times.
5. Archaic A curse; an imprecation.

[Middle English bannen, to summon, banish, curse, from Old English bannan, to summon, and from Old Norse banna, to prohibit, curse; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

ban 2

n. pl. ba·ni (bä′nē)
A unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the primary unit of currency in Romania and Moldova.

[Romanian, coin, coin of small worth, perhaps of Germanic origin and akin to Old High German ban, official proclamation, command (the original medieval Romanian coin being so called because coins were necessary to pay fines and feudal dues) and to Old English bannan, to summon; see ban1.]
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Adj.1.banned - forbidden by lawbanned - forbidden by law      
illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"
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bị cấm


مُحَرّم zakázaný forbudt verboten απαγορευμένος prohibido kielletty interdit zabranjen proibito 禁止された 금지된 verbannen forbudt zakazany banido запрещенный förbjuden ถูกห้าม yasaklanmış bị cấm 被取缔的
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References in classic literature ?
And not only this, but to that ever-contracting, dropping circle ashore, who, for any reason, possessed the privilege of a less banned approach to him; to that timid circle the above hinted casualty --remaining, as it did, moodily unaccounted for by Ahab --invested itself with terrors, not entirely underived from the land of spirits and of wails.
Thus had I sunken one day From mine own truth-insanity, From mine own fervid day-longings, Of day aweary, sick of sunshine, --Sunk downwards, evenwards, shadowwards: By one sole trueness All scorched and thirsty: --Bethinkst thou still, bethinkst thou, burning heart, How then thou thirstedest?- THAT I SHOULD BANNED BE FROM ALL THE TRUENESS!
BRITAIN'S most controversial police chief has banned smokers from applying for jobs as traffic cops.
Out-of-state jurisdictions that send banned items, such as car batteries and motor oil, to a Michigan landfill three times in a year would have their certification revoked.
As many have said, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." We cannot rely on the supplements industry, or on a handful of people, to protect legitimate medicine and research from being banned in the war on drugs.
RBGH is banned in milk production throughout the European Union, which is increasingly ahead of the curve with food safety and environmental policies.
Perhaps the most famous banned book list ever is the Catholic Church's now defunct Index of Prohibited Books.
In the Introduction to the 20th Anniversary catalogue, a statement reads "Banned Books Week is ...
It all should be banned. I look at my dog and it hurts to think what these scum will do next.
The United States was working in consultation with the European Union, which was expected to name its own list of banned individuals, the British Guardian newspaper reported.
banned all hunting of gray whales, since commercial whaling had practically killed off the entire population.
They wanted the most sweeping bill they could get, so they helped defeat amendments that would have specifically banned only the dilation and extraction procedure, where the skull is punctured while in the birthing canal and the fetus is removed intact.