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Thus even on the cover, which is presented like a newsy front page, we are enticed to turn inside with such banner headlines as Wicked Queen Faces 15 years for Attempted Poisoning and Prince Searches for Owner of Glass Slipper.
6m coming to Northumberland from the 346000 visitors coming to Blyth for the Tall Ships Race, but in the banner headlines you omitted to mention the words "possible" and "estimated", which were relegated to the small print.
5m switch from Crystal Palace - and the banner headlines screamed: 'Spending Spree Is Not Over'.
You splash banner headlines for IPL (not even international) matches, dedicate half the page for friendly football matches, 'City Fall to South Africans' and yet fail to even mention such outstanding performance as that of Afridi.
Their cutting agenda will no doubt hit other little-known buildings that will make smaller ripples or dreaded banner headlines in the local paper.
DOES the Telegraph really think it is helpful, sensible and patriotic to have banner headlines regarding the poor security etc at Olympic hotels and venues (Telegraph, July 21)?
Steve Kean It can hardly have been a pleasant experience for the lad given his father was grilled repeatedly about Blackburn's plight, second bottom with 10 points, and the banner headlines in the local paper demanding that he is sacked immediately.
Front-page banner headlines in most Lebanese newspapers on Thursday reflected relief over Mikati's decision, which has defused a long-simmering crisis that had threatened to plunge the country into a power vacuum after Mikati vowed to resign if the Cabinet failed to approve STL funding.
Banner Headlines by Stafford Somerfield tells the story of the NOTW from its creation in 1843 until the day in 1970 when a young owner called Rupert Murdoch sacked the paper's editor - a certain Stafford Somerfield.
Two newspapers took the Tunisian developments as banner headlines.
On Friday morning, the residents in Ayodhya rushed to grab copies of the morning newspaper that splashed banner headlines of the verdict.
A presenter on a popular Sydney radio station commended sports reporters for not being "feral" like their British counterparts and coming out with banner headlines like Hand of Clod - a reference to Robert Green's goalkeeping error that gave the US a draw with England.