banner headlines

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It can hardly have been a pleasant experience for the lad given his father was grilled repeatedly about Blackburn's plight, second bottom with 10 points, and the banner headlines in the local paper demanding that he is sacked immediately.
You splash banner headlines for IPL (not even international) matches, dedicate half the page for friendly football matches, 'City Fall to South Africans' and yet fail to even mention such outstanding performance as that of Afridi.
Their cutting agenda will no doubt hit other little-known buildings that will make smaller ripples or dreaded banner headlines in the local paper.
DOES the Telegraph really think it is helpful, sensible and patriotic to have banner headlines regarding the poor security etc at Olympic hotels and venues (Telegraph, July 21)?
Edward may also make banner headlines in connection with photos, or perhaps a video, he'd rather forget.
SIR; Despite the banner headlines of last week's scare story, consumers, retailers, scientists and a wide range of chefs and celebrities continue to support Scottish Quality Salmon (SQS) at the tills, in print and on the airwaves.
Celebrated Mexican recording artist Thalia hit the streets of New York for her latest video, an event that prompted lifestyle sections of the nation's newspapers to run banner headlines such as "Thalia Invades the Bronx.
Banner headlines stretched across the front pages of the city's dailies each day, screaming record temperatures.
Novo had a private chat with Walter Smith at Murray Park yesterday after banner headlines appeared in two morning papers claiming he wants urgent discussions over a new contract.
When you have done nothing wrong, to find yourself under banner headlines is not very pleasant.
How often do we read such stories under banner headlines in our press?
Few books command days of banner headlines on publication.