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n. pl. Bannock or Ban·nocks
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting southeast Idaho and western Wyoming.
2. The variety of Northern Paiute spoken by the Bannock.


1. A flat, usually unleavened bread made of oatmeal or barley flour.
2. Northern US, especially New England Thin cornbread baked on a griddle.

[Middle English bannok, bread baked on the hearth or under ashes, from Old English bannuc, a kind of small cake or bread, of Brittonic origin; akin to Breton bannac'h, drop (of liquid), from banne, drop (Old English bannuc perhaps being so called because the batter or dough of the small cake was dropped or spooned onto the cooking surface; compare drop biscuit).]
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(Cookery) a round flat unsweetened cake originating in Scotland, made from oatmeal or barley and baked on a griddle
[Old English bannuc; of Celtic origin; compare Gaelic bannach, Cornish banna a drop, bit; perhaps related to Latin pānicium, from pānis bread]
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(ˈbæn ək)

n. Chiefly Scot.
a flat cake made of oatmeal, barley meal, etc., usu. baked on a griddle.
[before 1000; Middle English bannok, Old English bannuc morsel < British Celtic; compare Scottish Gaelic bannach]
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Noun1.bannock - a flat bread made of oat or barley flourbannock - a flat bread made of oat or barley flour; common in New England and Scotland
flatbread - any of various breads made from usually unleavened dough
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I have just emptied the last grains of meal out of the chest, and baked a bannock; but it won't last over to-morrow.'
She lived twenty-nine years after his death, such active years until toward the end, that you never knew where she was unless you took hold of her, and though she was frail henceforth and ever growing frailer, her housekeeping again became famous, so that brides called as a matter of course to watch her ca'ming and sanding and stitching: there are old people still, one or two, to tell with wonder in their eyes how she could bake twenty-four bannocks in the hour, and not a chip in one of them.
Hill-food is very simple, but with buckwheat and Indian corn, and rice and red pepper, and little fish out of the stream in the valley, and honey from the flue-like hives built in the stone walls, and dried apricots, and turmeric, and wild ginger, and bannocks of flour, a devout woman can make good things, and it was a full bowl that the priest carried to the Bhagat.
It gives what it hath, and all it hath, but its own majesty can lend a better grace to bannocks and fair water than belong to city feasts.
A path by the Bannock Burn which was damaged during heavy rain at the end of June has been restored.
Northgate is a public-private partnership involving Millennial Development Partners, the project leader, and Portneuf Development on the private side, and the cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck, Bannock County and the Idaho Transportation Department on the public side.
Young Awasis loses Kohkum's freshly baked world-famous bannock. Not knowing what to do, she encounters many animals who want to help.
While salmon, crab, and moose do figure prominently in this culinary compendium, so do updates of foods like agudak and bannock. Along with the recipes, Kinneen describes the culinary culture of the many regions and peoples of Alaska and argues for the importance of a local food movement.
The town band led the morning festivities and the procession when the town emblems of a thistle, floral crown and barley bannock were carried aloft through the streets, together with a spade, salted herring on a pole and a twalpenny nail, while youngsters carried heather besoms.
Overseas participants from the UK also included Mark Ellison, Performance Nutritionist to Manchester United FC and World Heavy Weight Champion boxer Anthony Joshua and Dr Laurent Bannock from the hugely successful Guru Performance Institute.
Bannock House was a school without rules, decisions were made collectively, lessons were not compulsory and students made their own rules.
Signature offerings such as the Weaver's Blend (a mild black tea with blackberry and sage created by Janice George, chief of the Squamish Nation) are presented as part of the cafe's West Coast Wild Tea Service, alongside mini elk pies and freshly baked bannock with juniper-currant jam.