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1. A platform lining a trench or parapet wall on which soldiers may stand when firing.
2. also ban·kit (băng′kĭt) Southern Louisiana & East Texas A raised sidewalk. See Note at beignet.
3. A long upholstered bench placed against or built into a wall.

[French, from Provençal banqueta, diminutive of banca, bench, of Germanic origin.]


1. (Furniture) an upholstered bench
2. (Fortifications) (formerly) a raised part behind a parapet
3. a footbridge
[C17: from French, from Provençal banqueta, literally: a little bench, from banc bench; see bank3]


(bæŋˈkɛt; locally ˈbæŋ kɪt for 3 )

1. a long bench with an upholstered seat, esp. one along a wall, as in a restaurant.
2. Coastal Louisiana and East Texas. a sidewalk.
3. a platform or step along the inside of a parapet, for soldiers to stand on when firing.
4. a ledge running across the back of a buffet.
[1620–30; < French < Occitan]
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Noun1.banquette - an upholstered benchbanquette - an upholstered bench      
bench - a long seat for more than one person


[bæŋˈket] Nbanqueta f alargada


References in classic literature ?
The boys were dragging along the banquette a small "express wagon," which they had filled with blocks and sticks.
Flouting the rules, a lapdog pants on the red moleskin banquette.
Plans for the The Mission Hotel Belfast include 48 bedrooms, a fourstar rating, ground floor cafe, bar and restaurant, a banquette space with dining for 220 people and rooftop bar.
An Iftar (fast-breaking) banquette was held in honor of Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak.
It's a couple steps back up to the kitchen, which features a row of rectangular clerestory windows and a suede-upholstered built-in dining banquette.
Eileen's squirming when she gets to the Bistro and there's no sign of her Dubai-based suitor, but instead finds his local rival Adrian propping up a banquette.
8220;To improve the layout without drastically changing the footprint, we incorporated a banquette to ease the traffic flow.
Les laureats de la deuxieme categorie sont par ordre Reda Essahli (Tipasa) pour un ensemble d'une soupiere et d'assiettes creuses en ceramique, Seddik Bouzid (Alger) pour sa banquette en bois colore avec matelas et deux coussins, et Benaissa Choukri (Tlemcen) pour un hanbal ou couverture traditionnelle en laine avec un nouveau design.
According to the publication's sources, rapper Pitbull jumped into a booth with DJ Irie to serenade Lopez, who sat with her beau Casper Smart and 15 other friends in a banquette.
Contrairement a ce qui avait ete rapportee precedemment, ce n'est pas pres de Sousse qu'il a ete apprehende, mais au niveau de la localite de Turki, alors qu'il etait cache sous la banquette arriere d'une voiture que conduisait son gendre qui appartient au corps de la surete.
A long banquette spans the restaurant, offering a sense of community, which Rashid likens to being part of the seamless global culture that makes up Dubai.