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A wild ox (Bos javanicus) of Southeast Asia, having a chestnut coat in the female and a brownish-black coat in the male, with white on the lower legs and rump, and long, curved horns in the male.



(Animals) another name for banting


(ˈbæn tɛŋ)

n., pl. -tengs, (esp. collectively) -teng.
a wild ox, Bos banteng (javanicus), of SE Asia and Malaysia, resembling the domestic cow.
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Noun1.banteng - wild ox of the Malay Archipelagobanteng - wild ox of the Malay Archipelago  
Bos, genus Bos - wild and domestic cattle; in some classifications placed in the subfamily Bovinae or tribe Bovini
wild ox, ox - any of various wild bovines especially of the genera Bos or closely related Bibos
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He also cultivated close links with party-affiliated organizations, notably the Komunitas Banteng Muda (KBM, Young Bulls Community), a group that was ideologically close to the PDI-P, becoming the chair of its maritime affairs section.
Another familiar landmark is the striking figure of a man breaking his chains, located at Lapangan Banteng in front of the Hotel Borobudur Intercontinental.
goslings Valley Park Staff have been celebrating a successful year of 64 animal births - including camel calves, Cape buffalo, a banteng calf, several antelope and deer, along with Cameroon lambs and poison dart frog tadpoles
Liu Baoling, Hou Dibo, Huang Pingjie, Liu Banteng, Tang Huayi, Zhang Wubo, Chen Peihua, Zhang Guangxin.
He noted that the four MRUs are operated at Lapangan Banteng in Central Jakarta, SPBG Pulogebang in East Jakarta, SPBU Coco on Jalan Industri, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta and Rest Area KM 57 on the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road.
It also houses banteng, an endangered type of cattle known for their shyness.
The first phase focuses on four highly-threatened but largely unknown species: | Visayan warty pigs, each |named after famous punks in homage to their distinctive hairstyles Cassowaries, which have a |fearsome reputation of being one of the most dangerous birds in the world Lowland Anoa, the world's |smallest species of wild cattle Banteng, wild cattle whose |numbers have declined by as much as 95% since the 1960s The attraction was originally slated to open at Easter, but was then pushed back to June before a further announcement that only phase one would be unveiled on July 13.
The present study therefore, was initiated to investigate the inheritance pattern of SB resistance in the German barley Banteng cultivar to design suitable strategies to enhance resistance of barley cultivars.
Effects of the Humic Compounds on A1 uminum Activities and Phosphate Typic Plaeudult Kentrong Banteng.
The gaur lived only a few days while the banteng survived for seven years before being put down after breaking a leg.
Hybridization of banteng (Bos javanicus) and zebu (Bosindicus) revealed by mitochondrial DNA, satellite DNA, AFLP and microsatellites.
Similarly other species of wild bovines like wild water buffalo, banteng are also domesticated.