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 (băp-tīz′, băp′tīz′)
v. bap·tized, bap·tiz·ing, bap·tiz·es
1. To admit into Christianity by means of baptism.
a. To cleanse or purify.
b. To initiate.
3. To give a Christian name to a person; christen.
To administer baptism.

[Middle English baptizen, from Old French baptiser, from Late Latin baptīzāre, from Greek baptizein, from baptein, to dip.]

bap·tiz′er n.
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(bæpˈtaɪzə) or


(Ecclesiastical Terms) someone who baptises
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Quand Moulay Abderrahmane avait reconstruit la forteresse, il a decide de la baptiser Al Jadida (la neuve).
He continued to say that he is not Okomfo Chacha the Great for nothing, and would not be as immature and as stupid and as senseless as Yohannes the Baptiser, who spoke without decorum and spoke anyhow and went to prophesy to King Herod that the thing he was doing was not fine.
A souligner quae1/4aoune proposition sera faite aux pouvoirs publics de baptiser une infrastructure sportive du nom de Mohamed Sellah .
That is, the name refers to that individual in virtue of a baptiser having had perceptual contact with them.
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church also observes on Saturday the feast day of Saint Tsar Boris I the Baptiser, the medieval ruler, who converted Bulgaria to Christianity.
SM le Roi, que Dieu L'assiste, a bien voulu baptiser cette promotion du nom de "General Abdelaziz Bennani ".
L'Iran a bloque le transfert d'un de ses joueurs emblematiques dans un club de football des Emirats arabes unis pour denoncer la decision emiratie de baptiser son championnat "Ligue du Golfe arabique", ont rapporte dimanche les medias iraniens.
Pour moi, c'etait comme ga aussi, et apres je me suis fait baptiser. Un chant en particulier i'aurait touchee : << L'hymne qui dit: "Tu es le seul Dieu, tu es le seul", et il y en a un autre qui parle de resoudre nos problemes, ils m'ont vraiment touchee, le moment etait bien choisi.