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Noun1.baptismal font - bowl for baptismal waterbaptismal font - bowl for baptismal water    
basin - a bowl-shaped vessel; usually used for holding food or liquids; "she mixed the dough in a large basin"
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The Duc de Longueville gained the government of Pont-de-l'Arche, five hundred thousand francs for his wife and the honor of seeing her son held at the baptismal font by the young king and Henrietta of England.
They included the world's largest Bible side-by-side with a dime-sized "nano-Bible"; an exhibit about the current refugee crisis, featuring wicker boats on a pond; a prison converted into an art space, its former cells filled with contemporary artwork dealing with Luther's legacy; and an indoor space for recreating the experience of baptism: first, a room with womb-like chairs that encouraged a fetal position; another room that, with the use of massive video screens, created an overwhelming impression of immersion in water; and a third room featuring an ancient baptismal font, where participants could be signed with the cross and blessed.
The baptismal font rest on the backs of 12 oxen made of fiberglass but painted to look like stone, Coburn said.
At the church entrance are muted remnants of the past: the century-old narra hardwood posts, a bell made in 1802 and a huge baptismal font dating back to the 19th century.
Inspired by the beaded curtains that veil the thresholds of Greek village homes--creating a boundary that is permeable, a privacy not closed to engagement and ventilation--the diaphanous partitions resembled pixelated digital screens, delineating an intimate spatial field that seemed to separate private from public around a rectangular sort of baptismal font, the only other object in the room: actually a discarded household sink turned religious altar with a misty puddle of water and gold coins inscribed with the artist's name, meaning life, and the word light in Greek.
His friends Margaret (Anita Dobson) and hippy Charles (Bill Paterson) turn a blind eye when their old pal blows up a cash machine, does something very disrespectful in a baptismal font and, in a fit of rage, returns a supermarket trolley - straight through the shop's window.
Parishes keep the chrism (along with the other two holy oils) in a container called a chrismaria, which itself is stored in a receptacle called an ambry, usually near the baptismal font.
After a few days, a white mob, growing impatient, broke into the town jail, removed the four prisoners and took them to a tree, growing near the baptismal font on the front lawn of the black Friendship Baptist Church, where they were hanged.
The child was eventually found dead in a baptismal font behind the preacher's pulpit.
Edgar Militar signed Poe's foundling paper, after he found her at the baptismal font of Jaro Church, in central Philippines on September 3, 1968.
Another discovery was a large stone water tank, believed to have been for cavalry horses, which it is thought was later converted into a walk-in baptismal font sited near an early church building.
Thecla Convent, a brass baptismal font, vessels, and crucifixes.