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also bap·tis·try  (băp′tĭ-strē)
n. pl. bap·tis·ter·ies also bap·tis·tries
1. A part of a church or a separate building used for baptizing.
2. A font used for baptism.

[Middle English baptisterie, from Old French, from Late Latin baptistērium, from Greek baptistērion, from baptizein, to baptize; see baptize.]
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(ˈbæp tə stri, -tɪs tə ri)

n., pl. -ter•ies.
1. a building or a part of a church in which baptism is administered.
2. (esp. in Baptist churches) a tank for administering baptism by immersion.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Late Latin baptistērium < Greek baptistḗrion bathing place]
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Either a separate building or the part of a church reserved for the performance of the rite of baptism.
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Noun1.baptistery - bowl for baptismal waterbaptistery - bowl for baptismal water    
basin - a bowl-shaped vessel; usually used for holding food or liquids; "she mixed the dough in a large basin"
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The Baptistery, which is a few years older than the Leaning Tower, is a stately rotunda, of huge dimensions, and was a costly structure.
This Baptistery is endowed with the most pleasing echo of all the echoes we have read of.
In Rome, Kateusz led a group to see a mosaic at San Venantius Chapel in the Lateran Baptistery which depicts Mary wearing what appears to be a pallium, a symbol of episcopal authority given to new bishops.
A relieve of the Baptism of Christ must have come from a church baptistery;
The 18,600-square-foot building includes a new church, chapel and adult baptistery.
In Florence, during the 15th century Lorenzo Ghiberti, a famous artist, was called to realise the beautiful bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery, called by Michelangelo "the Gates of Paradise".
Neither church contains any steps except for a single step down into the Baptistery of each, symbolising entry into the River Jordan for baptism.
With the aid of expert advisers, St Luke's is hoping to apply for a grant to rectify some of the leaking above the baptistery.
Shell ornamentations decorating the baptistery and side chapels-the church's most unique features-were partly damaged with pockets of dislodged portions.
In the Middle Ages, Dante Alighieri created a blueprint for the modern Italian language with his epic narrative poem, The Divine Comedy, and in the mid-15th century, Lorenzo Ghiberti sparked the Renaissance movement with his innovative, designs for the Baptistery doors.