bar bit

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bit - a bit for horses that is a solid bar of metalbar bit - a bit for horses that is a solid bar of metal
bit - piece of metal held in horse's mouth by reins and used to control the horse while riding; "the horse was not accustomed to a bit"
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He had already built a T-shaped buggy similar to JMI's well-known design, though as he says, "Not wanting to copy the Wheeley Bar bit for bit, I just kept the basic design in mind and went to work.
And when you've won medal before you do set the bar bit higher don't you?
Ignoring the fact that Place 2 Be is also a kebab house that just happens to do "personal pizzas", I hit the fish bar bit and.
The only problem was that Kauto was wearing a bar bit and when he fell the reins had gone over the top of the bar on the right-hand side, which meant I only had the use of the left rein.
Straps falling, falling from a bar bit, swinging back & forth,
I got my pack and waltzed round to the salad bar bit where you can help yourself to as much salad as you want and just cram it into a plastic tub.
He'd been hanging turning in on his last two runs and we put a bar bit on to help him today.