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n. also bar code
1. A series of vertical bars of varying widths, in which each of the digits zero through nine are represented by a different pattern of bars that can be read by a laser scanner. The bars are commonly found on consumer products and are used especially for inventory control.
2. A DNA barcode.
1. bar·cod·ed, bar·cod·ing, bar·codes To provide or mark (an item) with a barcode.
2. To DNA barcode.

bar code

1. (Commerce) commerce a machine-readable arrangement of numbers and parallel lines of different widths printed on a package, which can be electronically scanned at a checkout to register the price of the goods and to activate computer stock-checking and reordering. Also called: Universal Product Code or UPC

bar′ code`

a series of contiguous lines of like height coded by width and applied to an item for identification by an optical scanner, as for registering the price of a product.

bar code

- Includes code terms for the country of manufacture, the manufacturer, and the type of product—a combination specific enough to ordinarily identify any product.
See also related terms for manufacture.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: code - code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laserbar code - code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser; printed on consumer product packages to identify the item for a computer that provides the price and registers inventory information
code - a coding system used for transmitting messages requiring brevity or secrecy
باركود، لاصِقَة البَضائِع المُشَفَّرَه
čárový kód
čiarový kód

bar code

ncodice m a barre


(baː) noun
1. a rod or oblong piece (especially of a solid substance). a gold bar; a bar of chocolate; iron bars on the windows.
2. a broad line or band. The blue material had bars of red running through it.
3. a bolt. a bar on the door.
4. a counter at which or across which articles of a particular kind are sold. a snack bar; Your whisky is on the bar.
5. a public house.
6. a measured division in music. Sing the first ten bars.
7. something which prevents (something). His carelessness is a bar to his promotion.
8. the rail at which the prisoner stands in court. The prisoner at the bar collapsed when he was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment.
verbpast tense, past participle barred
1. to fasten with a bar. Bar the door.
2. to prevent from entering. He's been barred from the club.
3. to prevent (from doing something). My lack of money bars me from going on holiday.
except. All bar one of the family had measles.
ˈbarmaid, ˈbarman (-tendə) , (mainly American) ˈbartender noun
a person who serves at the bar of a public-house or hotel.
ˈbar code noun
a code in the form of parallel lines printed on goods from which the computer reads information about their price etc.
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Their blog is one of the most comprehensive resources in the bar code industry, covering everything from the brand new two-dimensional bar codes to an explanation of different bar code symbologies.
Eventually, he recalls, he and his colleagues hit on the possibility of a single gene being the universal bar code for living things.
People have a right to privacy in their homes, and they're not getting it when I'm down there looking through the mail slot to scan the bar code,'' said one East Valley mail carrier who did not want his name used.
An operator aims the pen's light beam at the bar code and moves it across the label.
In a close working relationship, the companies will be able to deliver to acute care facilities both a proven patient safety solution at the point of care, along with the convenience of patient wristbands embedded with either bar code or radio frequency identification (RFID).
Another stacked bar code, PDF417 by Symbol Technologies, uses thin dark-and-light spaces grouped into more than 900 "code words," each of which can represent about two characters.
MIAMI -- CYBRA Corporation, the developer of MarkMagic[TM] Bar Code Label, RFID Tag and SM@RT Forms Software for the IBM System i server today announced new MarkMagic Version 6 at a press conference here at the Fall 2006 COMMON Conference and Expo.
Core technologies include RFID, mobile computing and data collection systems, bar code printers and label media.
Microvision's bar code business is growing at a solid rate due to our delivering an affordable, quality product for our customers," said Ian Brown, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Microvision.
To mitigate the vulnerabilities and inconsistencies of manual asset tracking, the Bar Code extension for Numara Track-It