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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - shaped like a rigid strip of metal or woodbar-shaped - shaped like a rigid strip of metal or wood
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Presently, it is believed that the Milky Way is a typical barred spiral galaxy that consists of a bar-shaped core region surrounded by a flat disk of gas, dust, and stars.
"A luminous bar-shaped structure cuts prominently through the galaxy's bright core, extending to the inner boundary of NGC 7773's sweeping, pinwheel-like spiral arms," NASA officials ( described the image on its website . 
In the latest development, Xiaomi has patented a smartphone design with an notch that sticks out of the regular bar-shaped chassis of a phone.
Calcium accumulation in perivascular and periductal areas are seen on mammography images as thin linear, branching, bar-shaped, pleomorphic or cluster-forming micro-calcifications and macrocalcifications (3, 4).
Cut the remaining bread into Mars Bar-shaped pieces that are long enough reach from the bottom to the top edge of the basin.
They saw "a very faint stellar nucleus in a bar-shaped core running east-west through the halo." Can you pick out these elusive details?
It is far from a simple disk structure, being composed of two spiral arms, a bar-shaped feature that runs through its centre, and a central bulge of stars.
17 ( ANI ): Astronomers from the University of Portsmouth have discovered that bar-shaped features in spiral galaxies accelerate the galaxy aging process.
In mice, a bar-shaped rare earth magnet could attract injected stem cells to the tail (see photo).
The bar-shaped laboratory buildings are 18 m deep, which meant that 100% natural light into the laboratory spaces was achievable.
The three-point flexure test utilizes bar-shaped specimens (25 mm length, 2 mm width, and 2 mm thickness) and specimens are centrally loaded using a knife-edge indenter with a support span of 20 mm at the crosshead speed of 0.75+-0.25 mm/min.