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They cover feared and longed for barbarian invasions in contemporary politics and culture; savages and monsters old, new, and refurbished: canons recast in literature and film; and strange bedfellows: queering barbarians, barbarizing self-identity, playing holocaust.
(52) [Think of yourselves, oh courtiers, Who, greatly barbarizing, Always: "I go [plural], I come [plural]," say, Contrary to the promise that you made To the kind poet Clement, Who bitterly complained of that.] Estienne comments upon two errors in these lines.
I am almost inclined to believe the joke that the Americans are responsible for barbarizing culture.
(42) If Gothic narratives and devices open up spatio-temporal lags that serve to legitimise the onward march of enlightened progress, so too it is important in light of the above passage to recognise the Gothic's capacity to signal that, as Franco Moretti has it in his influential discussion of Frankenstein, 'the process of capitalist production [...] forms by deforming, civilizes by barbarizing, enriches by impoverishing'.