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Having a beard; bearded.

[Latin barbātus, from barba, beard; see barb1.]


(Biology) chiefly biology having tufts of long hairs; bearded
[C19: from Latin barba a beard]
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Adj.1.barbate - having hair on the cheeks and chinbarbate - having hair on the cheeks and chin  
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
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Earlier in the day, 62 migrants were saved one mile from Barbate town, Cadiz province.
The migrants were 15 miles south-west of the Atlantic coastal town of Barbate, which lies between Cadiz and Gibraltar.
Her foodie breaks based in the stunning white-walled village of Vejer de la Frontera in Andalucia include sherry tasting, tapas in Cadiz and a morning visit to the Barbate fish market.
Among other delicacies, Bibo offers refreshing cold soups, the best cuts of tuna brought directly from the Almadraba of Barbate, salads with organic vegetables from its own garden, and a wide range of tapas and dishes that wonder through the one thousand and one geographies of Dani Garcia.
History shows that on 18 July 711, Tarik, with about 7,000 Berber troops and 300 Arabs, engaged King Roderick leading some 60,000 troops at the Janda Lagoon by the mouth of the Barbate River in southwest Spain.
5-2 cm between the corolla dorsal lobes, uniformly shortly villous at opening, dorsal and lateral anthers 5-6 mm long, ventral anthers not barbate.
Danielle bravely accompanied police to the killer's hiding place in the Spanish resort of Barbate to identify him.
Stanza 3: "De la o vreme, noapte de noapte,/Vii mereu si iar ma cerfi, barbate.
Assim, o personagem em recorte, 'brinca com o sol', como se este fosse uma bola; na pintura, ele se transforma num passaro; em areia, num peixe; com objetos, em pedacos de barbate tendo como antagonista uma tesoura; em massinha e um boneco tridimensional real, que anda sobre a mesa; e na animacao sobre pelicula, ele se transforma incessantemente (Figura 7), rememorando tambem as primeiras animacoes do inicio do seculo XX--como Fantasmagorie (1908), de Emile Cohl (1857-1938) e suas metamosfoses (Figura 8)--, mas o animador declara que foi uma homenagem a Norman McLaren (Magalhaes, 2009).
En la cronica de Alfonso XI se incluye el itinerario desde Sevilla hacia el Estrecho de Gibraltar citando el arroyo Salado y los rios Guadalete, Barbate y Almodovar (51).
Ce sont surtout les autorites locales et les marins du petit port de Barbate (extreme sud de l'Espagne) qui ont le plus exprime leur engouement pour la reconduction de l'accord de peche.