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1. A grill, pit, or outdoor fireplace for roasting meat.
a. A whole animal carcass or section thereof roasted or broiled over an open fire or on a spit.
b. A social gathering, usually held outdoors, at which food is cooked over an open flame.
3. Meat or seafood cooked in or served with barbecue sauce.
tr.v. bar·be·cued, bar·be·cu·ing, bar·be·cues
To roast, broil, or grill (meat or seafood) over live coals or an open fire, often basting with a seasoned sauce.

[American Spanish barbacoa, of Taíno origin.]
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Adj.1.barbecued - cooked over an outdoor grillbarbecued - cooked over an outdoor grill  
cooked - having been prepared for eating by the application of heat
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Too many heads you fella take; too much kai-kai long pig along you." (Long pig, meaning barbecued human flesh.)
I DON'T think I am alone in thinking that barbecued meat is probably one of, if not the most, appetizing thing you can watch on TV.
The secret to your perfectly barbecued meat lies in the marinades used while cooking.
There's everything to like about a simple bowl of strawberries and cream - but you're going to LOVE barbecued banoffee trifles...
But nasty bacteria lurking in undercooked drumsticks or gone-off hot dogs isn't the only reason to operate some grill-side caution - barbecued food can sometimes be carcinogenic too.
And they don't come any more creative than the Northumberland Sausage Company's festival range, which includes barbecued mealworm sausage, Craster Kipper sausage and even a lavender and llama sausage.
They claim that charcoal is the only way to achieve a genuine smoky flavour in the barbecued food, and believe the act of stoking and tending a fire to be basic to the age-old experience of outdoor grilling.
From Woody's Barbecued Rice (Woody's Bar-B-Que, Arkansas); Simmie Nichols' B-B-Q King Pig Ear Sandwich (B-B-Q King, Georgia); and Smokehouse Bob's Patricia Newton's Sweet Potato Pie (Smokehouse Bob's, Oklahoma); to Katy Garner's Hog Heaven Fruit Cobbler (Hog Heaven, Tennessee); Denice Janow's Austin's BBQ Macaroni Salad (Austin's BBQ & Catering, Texas); and Elvis's Pound Cake (Starlight Grill, Alabama), "BBQ Joints" ably serves as a tour guide planner for the true and traveling barbeque enthusiast.
Chef Smalls's sauce for barbecued chicken or ribs is a basic must-have for grilling.
"I look forward to grillin' and chillin,' and I love the smell of the barbecued food."