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1. A grill, pit, or outdoor fireplace for roasting meat.
a. A whole animal carcass or section thereof roasted or broiled over an open fire or on a spit.
b. A social gathering, usually held outdoors, at which food is cooked over an open flame.
3. Meat or seafood cooked in or served with barbecue sauce.
tr.v. bar·be·cued, bar·be·cu·ing, bar·be·cues
To roast, broil, or grill (meat or seafood) over live coals or an open fire, often basting with a seasoned sauce.

[American Spanish barbacoa, of Taíno origin.]
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Noun1.barbecuing - roasting a large piece of meat on a revolving spit out of doors over an open firebarbecuing - roasting a large piece of meat on a revolving spit out of doors over an open fire
roasting - cooking (meat) by dry heat in an oven (usually with fat added); "the slow roasting took several hours"
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Barbecuing in public parks, on the cities' river banks or on lakes become a trend for youngsters.
Barbecuing indoors needs to be done properly with the correct equipment and set up in a manner designed for an indoor BBQ.
We are not allowed to enjoy barbecuing at all beaches but it's not possible to go out of Muscat every time for this.
Summary: Barbecuing in undesignated areas in Al Ain can lead to warnings and a fine
The Hydraulic Engineering Office on its website yesterday said that it would not ban barbecuing in riverside parks this year, but it is planning a review of the practice in consideration of energy conservation, carbon reduction, environmental protection and ecology.
"This concept of lid-on cooking revolutionised charcoal barbecuing, and holds true today with all Weber grills, banishing the notion that barbecue food is burnt on the outside and raw in the middle."
With Britain basking in the current heatwave it means people's cooking and eating habits are dominated by one thing - barbecuing.
Another important factor is the simplicity of barbecuing. In its purest form, barbecue is meat, seasoned and smoked over live fire.
Choosing the right marinade for the right kind of meat is imperative for barbecuing it to perfection.
Department of Labor, got into barbecuing nearly three years ago after winning $300 in a March Madness pool from friends.
With half the nation (52%) planning on barbecuing an average of five times for family and friends in 2017, Gas Safe Register is issuing a stark reminder to be aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.