barber pole

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(or bar′ber's) pole`,

a pole with red and white spiral stripes symbolizing the barber's former sideline of surgery.
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This rotation indicated with tomographic images was first described by Buranasiri as "barber pole sign" [9].
2 In response to discrimination against the trans community, T&S reimagined the barber pole for inclusive shops.
The port mainmount and nose landing gear came up-and-locked and indicated so on the integrated position indicator (IPI), but the starboard landing gear indicated a barber pole in the IPI window.
Hourly during the business days, the barbers post their totals on a wall calendar in the shop, and the donated money amount is charted on a classic red-, white- and blue-striped barber pole.
From January 1942 to August 1944, she was one of the original members of the famous Barber Pole Group that had red-and-white barber pole stripes painted on the funnel.
The blood-sucking barber pole worm, Haemonchus contortus, costs livestock producers millions of dollars in losses worldwide.
"Main street" was created to reflect the era through storefront shops with awnings and signage, a 35-foot movie marquee and interchangeable movie posters, barber/beauty shop with active barber pole, large-scale posters of interchangeable Virginia travel scenes, and chapel facade flanked with wall sconces and stone urns with evergreens and park bench centrally located under clerestory natural light.
The red-and-white striped barber pole originally symbolised a bleeding arm swathed in bandages and dates back to long ago when barbers also performed as surgeons.
Off the square, a barber pole hangs outside the barber shop and miniature storefronts adorn the library, canteen, bank, and other facilities.
"The premiere look in veneer, what I think avodire veneer is famous for, is the barber pole figure, which is a big, rolling diagonal curl.
The red and white stripes that spiral down a barber pole represent the bandages used in the bloodletting.