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Noun1.barbershop quartet - an unaccompanied quartet of (usually male) voices singing sentimental songs in four-part harmonybarbershop quartet - an unaccompanied quartet of (usually male) voices singing sentimental songs in four-part harmony
quartette, quartet - four performers or singers who perform together
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But will he ever consider going for the full old fashioned and booking a barbershop quartet? "I would never say no."
The Vocal Ensemble has entries as vast as a choir of 90 children to the harmonious sounds of a Barbershop Quartet.
UPP: I sang tenor in a barbershop quartet that competed in a five-state region for nearly 15 years.
"We're proud of her influence on fashion but find black veils on models, smoking cigarettes with a barbershop quartet singing her music in bad taste.
He also mentioned the clip( Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery .
The evening's performance showcase included a performance by the Manchester Community Music School faculty trio Infinities, author Howard Mansfield, "The Impossible Dream" scene from "Man of La Mancha," performed by the Seacoast Repertory Theatre and the barbershop quartet Breakaway.
Or, as she calls them when they sing Run For Your Life: "Four creepy sociopaths doing a barbershop quartet about their favourite hobby of killing girls who don't like them any more."
An award-winning barbershop quartet is tackling a new style of cut - after landing a major record deal.
Mr Mister's Broken Wings turns into a message from heaven, Extreme's More Than Words is a barbershop quartet gem.
If stack heels and glitter isn't quite your thing though, then why not enjoy a bit of close harmony singing with the Barbershop Quartet at Raglan Parc Golf Club?
The final day of the festival will feature brunch and the Barbershop Quartet at Raglan Parc Golf Club.
His group of choice: The Four Freshmen, whose roots hearken to 1948 and the influence of the barbershop quartet Hal's Harmonizers.