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n. pl. bar·bies Chiefly Australian Informal
A barbecue grill or pit.

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(ˈbɑːbɪ) or


informal chiefly Austral short for barbecue
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[ˈbɑːrbi] (British, Australian) n (=barbecue)
(= event) → barbecue m
(= piece of equipment) → barbecue mbar billiards n (British) billard joué à l'aide de queues courtes et où des pièces de bois sont placées devant les trous
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Barbie (doll)®

nBarbie-Puppe® f
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Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis once said: "I wasn't the kid who lined up her toys, although when it came to Barbies and that little travelling wardrobe with the drawers and the little shoes, my stuff was always on hangers and the shoes were always in pairs.
In 1968, African American and Latina Barbies were incorporated into the Barbie community.
Over 58million Barbies are sold each year - that's 100 every minute.
Barbie officially entered the Saudi market in the mid 1990s, but many people recall having played with Barbies as children in the 1980s and early 1990s.
And despite fierce competition in the toy industry, 58 million Barbies are sold each year in more than 150 countries.
The girls who played with Mrs Potato Head thought they could do more of the male and female jobs than the girls who played with Barbies, regardless of whether they played with the fashion Barbie or the doctor Barbie.
In a carefully controlled laboratory study, OSU researcher Aurora Sherman had individual girls play with Barbies - and a control group play with Mrs.
Dangling one of her brood with its glossy hair now fuzzy with use, I have to admit our Barbies looks a bit more like the 55 years she'll be next week.
The career-oriented Barbies, which showcase modern-day careers for women, will hit stores in June.
She said: "I started collecting Barbies and all the accessories and even now, every Christmas or birthday, my family will still buy me something Barbie.
A shopkeeper in a toyshop in northern Tehran told Reuters, "About three weeks ago, they [the morality police] came to our shop, asking us to remove all the Barbies."