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Noun1.barbu - found along western Atlantic coast
threadfin - mullet-like tropical marine fishes having pectoral fins with long threadlike rays
genus Polydactylus, Polydactylus - a genus of Polynemidae
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Adel Abdulla faces competition in the T2 category this weekend from the likes of Russia's Alexei Titov (Ford) and Yuliya Migunova-Khegay (Ford), Poland's Tomasz Baranowski (Toyota), Portugal's Bruno Oliveira (Nissan) and Romania's Laurentiu Barbu (Nissan).
Une quarantaine de personnes ont egalement ete blessees lorsqu'un homme barbu vetu de noir a lance en debut d'apres-midi sa voiture contre la foule sur le pont de Westminster, face a Big Ben, avant de poignarder a mort un policier en essayant de penetrer dans le Parlement.
A night at the circus should whisk you from the day to day to an exotic world, and this is exactly what the madcap crew at Barbu achieve.
Dorinela Barbu tricked her way in to the home of a woman in her 80s in Warwick and stole jewellery after also pretending to be collecting money for charity.
Mais les auteurs des cris de [beaucoup moins que] liberte [beaucoup plus grand que], prononces par les hommes et les femmes de la ville de Djelfa lors de ces manifestations, furent reprimes par les autorites coloniales de l'epoque, commandees par le mercenaire Goldestein, plus connu sous le nom du [beaucoup moins que] barbu [beaucoup plus grand que].
SUNDAY BARBU ELECTRO TRAD CABARET Underbelly Circus Hub August 7-29, 9.
Bearded, roller-skating Barbu, from the Canadian circus family Cirque Alfonse, will also make their Edinburgh debut with a show best described by the troupe's Antoine Carabinier Lepine.
In order to develop such a synthesis and overview, the reviewed publications have been categorized according to a framework proposed by Barbu (2006), and then further classified into changes pertaining to accounting institutions, changes in accounting systems (i.
An aura of mystery, otherness, and legend still surrounds the prose poem with which Ion Barbu prefaced Dan Botta's Eulalii poetry book of 1930.
Cornelia (Luminita Gheorghiu) tiene todos los defectos de una madre demasiado buena, se entromete en la vida de Barbu (Bogdan Dumitrache), su unico hijo, lo sobreprotege y busca defender a cualquier precio; que el hijo, ya en sus treintas, la evite como a la peste, ella lo atribuye a la influencia de la novia que vive con el.