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(Military) the surname of several noted Carthaginian generals, including Hamilcar, Hasdrubal, and Hannibal
ˈBarcan adj


or Cir•e•na•i•ca

(ˌsɪr əˈneɪ ɪ kə, ˌsaɪ rə-)

1. an ancient district in N Africa.
2. the E part of Libya.
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For hot, cold, moist, and dry, four Champions fierce Strive here for Maistrie, and to Battel bring Thir embryon Atoms; they around the flag Of each his faction, in thir several Clanns, Light-arm'd or heavy, sharp, smooth, swift or slow, Swarm populous, unnumber'd as the Sands Of BARCA or CYRENE'S torrid soil, Levied to side with warring Winds, and poise Thir lighter wings.
He demands a lot of himself in defence and denied them a clear goal," Barca defender Jordi Alba told reporters.
Thomas Partey's wayward strike from distance was Atletico's only threat and although Simeone made two attacking substitutions his side could not force Barca goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen into making a save.
Madrid do still have a game in hand over Barca to marginally reduce the gap at the top, but their efforts in the new year are now likely to be more focused on becoming the first side to win three consecutive Champions League titles in over 40 years.
Bartomeu said the club was ready for life without Neymar, who scored 105 goals in four seasons with Barca and won two La Liga titles, three Copa del Reys and the 2015 Champions League.
Barca said on their website: "Deulofeu formalises return to Barcelona.
Earlier, Barca captain Andres Iniesta (right) was stretchered off due to a knee injury while Sergio Busquets was fortunate not to receive a second yellow before the break.
It was clear from the start that Atletico had come to Barcelona to fight every inch of the way and although Barca went close through a Messi shot which went wide and a Neymar header which flashed over the bar, they were not finding space or time in midfield.
In a new book entitled Barca Inedit ('Barca Unpublished'), it's alleged that Neeskens was moved on by Barca president Jose Luis Nunez for the strangest of reasons.
Barca fans will have many more victories to celebrate as long as the dynamic trio of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez are around.
Club captain Xavi is leaving Barca after 24 years this summer to join Qatari side Al Sadd, and the 35-year-old playmaker is hoping to go out a winner.