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Despite the logistics inefficiencies inherent in this design, the services continue to develop stovepipe bare base capability.
We can easily visualize the establishment of initial tactical air operations at a bare base using missionized CAT modules (fig.
But we fully understand what it takes to go into a bare base and operate any kind of forces in those bare bases.
Accordingly, Pacific Air Forces logistics staff has observed recent RAAF bare base activations supporting flying exercises in northern Australia, commenting favorably on the potential to exercise combat support related capabilities.
This bare base will be facing its fourth winter, and we want to reduce the number of tents on site and make them hard billets.
The author believes that the model could become a common Air Force construct, standardizing language so that all levels of command can understand and coordinate with each other on how to generate airpower from a bare base.
He aggressively blended flight safety duties with combat requirements in a bare base environment and brought the lessons home for local dissemination, future planning, and subsequent reporting to the CAF--33 FW safety personnel are already better prepared for the next deployment.
Under the terms of the contract, L-3 IS will provide service life extension maintenance support for 33 Special Operations Aviation A/MH-6M Little Bird helicopters and Bare Base Sets to the U.
Groups of subject matter experts have gone through the same process of building a UTC list as in the case for real deployments, except in the case of force modules, the target location is a generic, nominal bare base.
This bare base environment was the best way to do this training; it's more realistic for the trainees.
There I was at a bare base somewhere in the Middle East.
It suggests adding a prepositioned sealift component for bare base assets similar to the one currently used for munitions.