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Adj.1.bare-breasted - having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nuditybare-breasted - having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity; "topless waitresses"; "a topless cabaret"
unclothed - not wearing clothing
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Participants marched bare-breasted in Los Angeles and New York, with other marches planned in New Hampshire, Denver and other locales.
Like the middleaged who ape them, forgetting the bare-breasted look can be carried off only by the young.
The controversy generated by YouTube's banning Justin Timberlake's Tunnel Vision, that features bare-breasted female dancers, worked in favour of the 32-year-old singer.
The First Minister said that The Sun's Page Three - which features a bare-breasted woman daily along with a short commentary on a topical issue - was "inappropriate in this day and age", in a response in First Minister's Questions.
Police showed up Tuesday afternoon at the ROX Gallery and met the 24-year-old beauty - who went bare-breasted as she showed them the exhibit, which is plastered with explicit photos of her.
AFP -- BERLIN -- Bare-breasted activists staged rallies in front of mosques and Tunisian embassies across Europe Thursday against what they called an Islamist crackdown on Arab women's rights.
Jessie David, a bare-breasted 15-year-old wearing a pandanas leaf skirt, body paint and a headdress made of bird of paradise feathers, pictured, was given the honour of placing the orchid flowers on the Royals.
And last year local police were filmed forcing bare-breasted tribeswomen to dance for tourists for food.
The Bild daily proclaimed that Friday's bare-breasted front-page blonde would be the last of more than 5,000 women who have appeared since 1984.
I was brought up in India where the niqab, hijab, chador and burka happily coexist with bare-breasted, headshaven high-caste widows, sexy sari-exposed midriffs, topless tribal women, naked holy men and pacifist Jain women who cover their faces so as not to inadvertently kill an insect by swallowing it.
He said there was shore leave but when ashore he had seen all the women were bare-breasted.
Along with the others, he also chanted war songs, and soon after the ''war'' he proceeded into a complex of circular thatched huts, where bare-breasted women with grass or fiber skirts chanted other traditional songs, ready to join their men to start a traditional pig festival.