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Adj.1.bare-breasted - having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nuditybare-breasted - having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity; "topless waitresses"; "a topless cabaret"
unclothed - not wearing clothing
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He said that bare-breasted women on Page 3 had become outdated during an extraordinary Twitter exchange.
All of the battle elephants, bare-chested warriors and bare-breasted concubines this eminently royal production could muster can't make up for the poor writing and uninspired filmmaking that turn the whole enterprise into a tedious history lesson.
OSLO: A bare-breasted blonde mermaid is making visitors to Norway look twice.
PRINCESS Diana's brother is fighting to stop pictures of him watching bare-breasted dancers being shown on TV.
In our April edition (page 12) we reported the decision of three judges of the Ontario Appeal Court (Coulter Osborne, Allan Austin, Karen Weiler) to permit women to go bare-breasted in public.
With her were two bare-breasted members of Swedish feminist organisation Femen, known for its topless activism and use of sexual imagery, who held anti-religious placards over their private parts.
Politicians have demanded a new law to ban the saucy salon - staffed by bare-breasted stylists - and branded it "deplorable".
She also has been known to run bare-breasted and giggling through the house - a display that goes well beyond the usual fare in an 8:30 p.
Amid the storm that has erupted, there are the usual accusations about the discomfort which men feel when seeing a woman breastfeeding, when they have no such qualms about bare-breasted pin-up models.
Justices Coulter Osborne, Allan Austin and Karen Weiler unanimously overturned former University of Guelph student Gwen Jacob's 1991 conviction of committing an indecent act; she was charged after walking bare-breasted through the streets on a muggy July day.
Bare-breasted, flame-skirted Dana Caspersen was unforgettable as a spider woman crossing the boundaries of time.
Kiev, July 2 ( ANI ): Six members of the Ukrainian feminist group, Femen, held a bare-breasted protest in Kiev on Sunday against the visit by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to watch the Euro 2012 final.