(bâr′nā′kĭd, -nĕk′ĭd)
adv. & adj. Chiefly Northern US
With no clothes on.
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"While the intent may have been satire, the hate poem is presented to the public without any context -- intent or otherwise -- and is thus indistinguishable from bare-naked incendiary hate speech that promotes violence against women and children," Rehab said in a statement issued Sunday.
Their topics include seduced by method: history and Jeremiah 20, bare-naked: a gender analysis of the naked body in Jeremiah 13, figuration in Jeremiah's confessions with questions for Isaiah's servant, first-person figurations of servant and suffering in Isaiah and Jeremiah, prophetic sign acts as performances, and a synoptic reading of Jeremiah the lamenter.
So have your say and move on if that's what's needed, but sometimes it's just about bare-naked truths.
Minuses: No-big-deal bread, bare-naked Caesar salad, some would turn their noses up at wine list
Over lunch, I flipped through the park's visitors' guide and stopped at an article explaining how "bare-naked birding" could be "quite a liberating experience!" The idea was that leaving behind all the potentially restrictive gear-binoculars, telephoto lenses, apps, field guides--allows you to concentrate on using your eyes and ears.
These included my promotion for "Backtrackle," a book on turning real-world products into simple materials, such as making bird-feeders into bleach bottles and flower vases into coffee cans; the "Bare-naked Basics" curriculum in which all references to "society" are removed from schools; and "Aural Punctuation" where young people avoid painful pauses in language by inserting "spoken commas" such as "y'know?" and "right?" I guess the bottom line is that anything anyone sells to schools can find a buyer, and it is crucial to stay informed.
"The depth of the intrigue, the breadth of the conspiracy and the bare-naked exposure of human nature is so timeless, it's a wonder how that seminal tragedy in our history could ever be explained in a few sentences: 'Ford's Theater...John Wilkes Booth, etc'."
"Naked Juice offers all-natural, 100 percent juices and juice smoothies that are made from the best bare-naked fruits, with no added sugar or preservatives - ever."
At the niche-driven Bailiwick, best known for its gay-friendly musical revues like the current "Bare-naked Lads Take Off Broadway," such distractions seem unlikely.
Its products include more than 25 all-natural, 100% refrigerated juices and juice smoothies made from the best "bare-naked" fruits and nutritional boosts, with no added sugars or preservatives.