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Adj.1.Barebacked - riding without a saddlebarebacked - riding without a saddle; "a bareback rider"
unsaddled - with no saddle
Adv.1.Barebacked - without a saddlebarebacked - without a saddle; "she prefers to ride her horse bareback"
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The Indians sprang upon the animals barebacked, and endeavored to urge them off under a galling fire that did some execution.
Most do so by car, traveling with families and friends to visit churches further apart, even combining it, less penitentially, with sightseeing on the side, so long as that does not undermine the real intention of the trip.' I have seen barebacked men with red markings whipping themselves while walking through a path as a form of sacrifice and prayer.
As a rule, Andreas never barebacked outside of a relationship.
I was recently contacted by someone who was interested in getting barebacked. For those who might not know what this is, it's having sex without using a condom.