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 (bâr′fo͝ot′) also bare·foot·ed (-fo͝ot′ĭd)
adv. & adj.
With nothing on the feet: walking barefoot in the grass; a barefoot boy.
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Adj.1.barefooted - without shoesbarefooted - without shoes; "the barefoot boy"; "shoeless Joe Jackson"
unshoed, unshod - not shod
Adv.1.barefooted - without shoes onbarefooted - without shoes on; "he chased her barefoot across the meadow"
References in classic literature ?
I'll give thee, good fellow, a twelvemonth or twain, To search Europe through, from Byzantium to Spain; But ne'er shall you find, should you search till you tire, So happy a man as the Barefooted Friar.
I was in my socks, and the American was barefooted.
The saloons were gleaming with lustres--privy councillors and excellencies were walking about barefooted, and wore gold keys; it was enough to make any one feel uncomfortable.
But before they were ready to run barefooted on the perilous fringe of cream-wet sand where land and ocean met, a new and wonderful thing attracted their attention.
Tony was barefooted, and she shivered in her cotton dress and was comfortable only when we were tucked down on the baked earth, in the full blaze of the sun.
His father and mother were poor farmer people, and James ran about barefooted and wild among the hills and glens.
At a distance they could see the curious procession moving toward the wharf--the lovers, shoulder to shoulder, creeping; the lady in black, gaining steadily upon them; old Monsieur Farival, losing ground inch by inch, and a young barefooted Spanish girl, with a red kerchief on her head and a basket on her arm, bringing up the rear.
In the glare of the moon a party of barefooted children were swinging on those chains and having a noisy good time.
He was barefooted, and the snake bit him right on the heel.
As soon as I had finished, she called her daughter--a barefooted girl in her teens-- and told her to summon her father from upstairs.
These were brought by rail from Tampa Town to the camp, and from thence were taken to the Columbiad by barefooted workmen, who deposited them in their places by means of cranes placed at the orifice of the cannon.
There are faces too--faces dark, truculent, and smiling; the frank audacious faces of men barefooted, well armed and noiseless.