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adv. & adj.
With no covering on the hands: barehanded boxing.

bare′hand′ed·ness n.


adv, adj
1. without weapons, tools, etc
2. with hands uncovered


(ˈbɛərˈhæn dɪd)

adj., adv.
1. with hands uncovered.
2. without the necessary tools, weapons, or other means.
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Adj.1.barehanded - with bare handsbarehanded - with bare hands; "fought barehanded"
unarmed - (used of persons or the military) not having or using arms; "went alone and unarmed"; "unarmed peasants were shot down"; "unarmed vehicles"
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That meant the boys would bait with selected offal of the cod as the fish were cleaned - an improvement on paddling barehanded in the little bait-barrels below.
Playing barehanded base ball while wearing period-appropriate clothing doesn't appeal to everyone but, once again, the rosters filled quickly.
Berman has covered stories ranging from the milestone 2008 Presidential election to the war in Iraq, from the steroids scandal in American sports to the best way to catch catfish barehanded.
For example, I now know that if one grabs two ceramic coffee mugs right out of the dishwasher barehanded, one runs the painful and powerful risk of incinerating fingertips--and building quite a bit more character than was bargained for.
Bakke bent the unit's coils barehanded and improvised whatever materials were lacking because supplies were scarce during World War II.
However, if you always train barehanded and now are evaluated after adding a pair of gloves, you will be a little slower.
As well as the weaponry, we're also more than capable of a bit of barehanded rough and tumble.
Harper led off the fourth inning Wednesday with a slow roller that second baseman Mark Ellis barehanded and flipped to first.
It is a firm Arab response to Lakhdar Brahimi's barehanded return from Damascus most recently.
Don't sight-in or practice barehanded or bareheaded with light, thin clothes, and think you'll shoot the same wearing all your gear.
Catfish noodling, which is as horrifying as it sounds, is a method of catching the bottom-feeding fish barehanded.
Most scallopers simply pick up their catch barehanded, but many prefer scooping with small bait nets.