bargain down

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Verb1.bargain down - persuade the seller to accept a lower pricebargain down - persuade the seller to accept a lower price; "She beat the merchant down $100"
chaffer, haggle, higgle, huckster - wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.); "Let's not haggle over a few dollars"
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They can use problems such as leaky taps or electrical sockets that are falling off walls to bargain down the price.
Whenever uncertainty hits rupee, local commercial enterprises lose faith in the national legal tender and start using greenback as benchmark in their business deals, pushing the country towards de facto dollarisation of economy, which might turn out to be a devil's bargain down the line.
Ashley seems immune to his appeals and it is fair to say that a man who can bargain down the administrators of the House of Fraser to [pounds sterling]90m is not going to pay that much for a striker.
In particular, he loathes his customers: those who want to chat; those who hang around for hours but don't buy anything; those who try to bargain down prices, and understandably those who check their phones to see if they can get the books cheaper on Amazon.
Shafee had earlier tried to bargain down the initial RM4 million bail to just RM500,000 which was rejected by Thomas.
Or she would try to bargain down a P100 price tag by suggesting P900.
Congress should repeal the ban on negotiating and give Medicare the leverage it needs to bargain down the prices of prescription drugs.
You are able to use a market which is massively oversupplied and drive the bargain down. Once you do that, it improves your profitability," co-chief financial officer V Srikanth told reporters.