bargain hunter

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Noun1.bargain hunter - a shopper who hunts for bargainsbargain hunter - a shopper who hunts for bargains  
shopper - someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy
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A bargain hunter took to Facebook groupLatestDealsto announce the time - and that it had saved her hundreds of pounds on food, reports theMirror.
Or maybe you're the kind of bargain hunter that enjoys the thrill of the chase.
Inside the Robinsons Department Store, not all the items are on sale but it should take the seasoned bargain hunter only a few minutes to scan the merchandise and zero in on what she wantshouseware, kitchenware or children's apparel.
SAVED: Car-booter Betty Daniels, with Coventry Sports Foundation's Mark Cooke and bargain hunter Margaret Poulton
But if you are a bargain hunter and your kids can stay up later, most seats for tonight's show are $14.
Overseas investors have purchased apartments in Manhattan for use or investment for many decades, but the weak dollar has attracted an influx of bargain hunters. It may sound odd to describe someone purchasing a million-plus-dollar apartment as a bargain hunter, but for foreign buyers, Manhattan is on sale.
Travel agents simply click on the bargain hunter's posting and reply with their best offer, along with their name, agency, e-mail address and phone number.
Bargain hunter Christine Harkins, 57 yesterday, is a retired pharmacy assistant from Pontypridd who frequents car boot sales to collect books.
Teesside's Christmas sales have made one bargain hunter a happy camper this year.
Are you a bargain hunter - if yes, what is the greatest bargain you've ever found?
VISITORS to a city charity will soon be sitting comfortably, thanks to Bargain Hunter.