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Expensive cuts of meat weren't off the table either, as Will managed to nab some British venison liver for the bargain rate of 61p - reduced from [pounds sterling]4.40.
Even a bargain rate of $50 a night for a motel adds up to at least $1,500 a month.
"Media companies will be able to send their revenue leaders in greater numbers for some top-notch professional development to this day at a bargain rate, without having to obliterate their entire sales management team by making them miss the rest of the work week."
But if you're a non-member, you have one week left to access what is truly a bargain rate for a great weekend of full ideas, networking and socializing.
Book by July 31 to get a bargain rate on a break in the Maldives with British Airways, which resumes flights there in October.
Sources close to the deal insist the SPFL have offered the package on a bargain rate to showcase what their product can do for a prospective client.
That was the bargain rate for some highway signage Arkansas bought and erected to direct people to the state's wineries.
Homeowners eager for a bargain rate are firing off inquiries to lenders.
But Celta Vigo believe following Cardiff's drop they might be able to secure the services of Medel at a bargain rate, a Spanish news site is quoted as saying: "Cardiff's relegation helps them negotiate with Medel, who is a friend of Orellana."
With its own onboard driver, he said the van had seen its fair share of action already in the three months since he bought it at a bargain rate in true Del Boy style.
at home Eco ly ge wf tBb keeper is ready to stop up an offer with staff at first he played 299 Wright, 34, quit five days after deal when could not settle his family in If Hughes gets Ki it will be a further blow to Joey Barton who begins a 12-game ban and is available to go out on 1 a ava go o who a ban s loan bargain ra loan for a bargain rate. Talks between the clubs have begun and are set to conclude soon - with Celtic boss Neil Lennon needing a straight answer and cash for a replacement.
But the bargain rate excludes 0845 numbers which is a major blow to people who have to call government agencies.