bargaining chip

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bar·gain·ing chip

Something, especially an inducement or concession, used as leverage in negotiations.
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bar′gaining chip`

something, as a concession or inducement, that can be used in negotiating.
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Noun1.bargaining chip - leverage in the form of an inducement or a concession useful in successful negotiations
leverage - strategic advantage; power to act effectively; "relatively small groups can sometimes exert immense political leverage"
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With Chinese officials having said they object strongly to the sale of 66 jets requested by Taiwan, lawmakers are now questioning whether the Trump administration is delaying approval of the sale, either to avoid upsetting Beijing while delicate trade negotiations are underway or to use it as a bargaining chip, the authors note.
Fellow Tory leadership contender Sam Gyimah said the NHS "should not be used as a bargaining chip", and International development Secretary rory Stewart said he wouldn't be "offering up" the NHS in any deal.
BARGAINING CHIP Scottish fishing at the busy Peterhead harbour
By dint of this reasoning, the author restates the position that Trump is only 'playing the Taiwan card' to get what he wants from Beijing, and has no genuine interest in Taiwan, outside of its use as a bargaining chip.
Low as a bargaining chip and won't hand him over easily,' WSJ said.
The UAE also accused Al Houthi militias of worsening the humanitarian situation in Hodeida by planting landmines, obstructing the arrival of relief and aid, and using the humanitarian situation as a bargaining chip.
That means fishing is a decent bargaining chip for a UK government which doesn't have all that many chips to play with.
WELSH Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has urged Prime Minister Theresa May not to use the NHS as a "bargaining chip" in any post-Brexit trade deal with the United States.
Her response prompted Mr Gething to write a letter to the PM, which states: "Offering the NHS as a bargaining chip in the year that we celebrate the 70th year since it was created could not be more inflammatory and disrespectful to hardworking NHS staff.
"The evening will explore how the media outlet is being used as a bargaining chip in an ongoing geopolitical struggle, and the controversies surrounding the Arabic network," the club's website added.
Gary Alejano on Tuesday said President Rodrigo Duterte's allies in the House of Representatives used as a 'bargaining chip' the impeachment threat against Vice President Leni Robredo to convince their colleagues not to support the impeachment complaint that he had filed against the Chief Executive.
Morphou "is not and will never become a bargaining chip" says the Mayor of the Turkish-occupied city, Charalambos Pittas, in reply to statements from the Turkish Cypriot side.